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23rd July 2024 
About Counselling. Pebbles

About Counselling

Life experiences can overwhelm us. They may leave us feeling confused as to how to move forward, or unable to cope with a past or present day situation. Counselling offers clients the opportunity to explore these troubling situations in a non-judgemental and safe environment, free from criticism.

I believe everyone is unique, therefore sessions are tailored to each individual. They are taken at your pace, allowing time for you to process your thoughts and feelings. Counselling is formed through a good working relationship, and once trust is gained, it allows you to feel comfortable to share your innermost thoughts, aware that your words will remain private. It allows you to be understood, and heard, and helps you find the answers - counsellors do not give advice.

What issues are treated?
People come with a wide range of issues, such as:

  • Anger, Stress, worry, anxiety, negative thinking patterns, unresolved issues/unfinished business from the past.
  • Repeating life patterns/staying in unhelpful relationships/not knowing how to manage your relationships with family, parents, partner, work colleagues etc.
  • Poor self confidence/self esteem.
  • Depression/meaningless/emptiness.
  • Feeling trapped/confused.
  • Losses, grief or bereavement (including through tragic accidents, suicide, loss through miscarriage or stillbirth, infertility). Alopecia.
  • Understanding yourself and others better.
  • Emotional issues such as jealousy, hurt, upset, self sabotage.
  • Adjusting to major life changes (such as disability, retirement, redundancy, having children).
  • Nothing specifically wrong, however things not feeling quite right either - wanting to feel happier and more fulfilled.

    Remember - it is not so important that we give the problem a name or a label, but rather that we get on with helping you with whatever is bothering you and affecting your life.